How it works
We sell Architectural Designs. Prices from– € 200
Order the Architectural Design before you contact your local Builder.
Deliver the ordered design to several local Builders to get the best construction price.
Choose any local Builder you like.

All our Architectural Designs are in digital format.
Easy to share with local Builders
— Print unlimited number of copies locally.
— Metric Units

Our Architectural Designs include:
1. Detailed Floor Plans
2. Detailed Exterior Elevations (front, rear, right and left)
3. Building Sections
4. 3D

Building Sections are vertical cuts through the house with floor, ceiling and roof height info.
Detailed Floor Plans and Building Sections show also dimensioned locations of walls, doors, windows, beams, purlins, posts.

We can modify:
— all the dimensions (interior & exterior)
— roof type & pitch
— windows size & location
— foundation type
— add basement
— add garage / remove garage
— add or remove interior walls
— add or remove fireplace

Your local Builder`s / Engineer´s responsibilities:
1. Structural Engineering
2. Materials (Structure / Framing, Interior, Exterior, Roof)
3. Detailed Work Drawings (Structure / Framing, Sewerage, Water, Ventilation, Electricity, Heating)

How to Start
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