What kinds of cookies does the artmarka.com page write into the web browser?

Cookies help us to make our website more convenient and consider various users’ wishes. For monitoring the statistics of our website, we use the cookies below.

__utma Persistent cookie that remains on the computer until the cookie expires or until it is deleted by the user. This cookie registers the first visit (unique visit) and the last visit (unique visit). It also includes information that enables the monitoring of days related to purchases and the number of visits and the analysis of the client’s behaviour during the various stages of the purchase process.
__utmb, __utmc These cookies work in pairs, enabling the calculation of the duration of a visit. __utmb registers the exact time of arrival at the page and __utmc the exact time of departure from the page.

__utmb expires at the end of the session, that is, when the user leaves the page. __utmc expires after 30 minutes if no new views of ergo.ee pages are registered during that time.

__utmz Indicates where the client has arrived at the page from (search engine, link from another page, by typing the address directly into the web browser etc.). In addition, the cookie registers the keyword entered by the client into the search engine before reaching the ergo.ee page and their approximate location identified on the basis of the client’s IP address.

The cookie is valid for six months.

__utmv Used for segmenting clients.
_ga, _gat Used for identifying users. The cookie is valid for two years.


If you do not want ergo.ee cookies on your computer, you can set the relevant constraint in the web browser. From the settings menu of the web browser, you can also remove any cookies already written onto the computer.

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