Modified Architectural Design – CAD & PDF

Order this package if you want fully 
customized Architectural Design.

Modifications: Included

Delivery, e-mail: Modification process will take as long as you approve the draft.

House Plan / House Architectural Design includes:

1. Detailed Floor Plans.
2. Detailed Exterior Elevations  (front, rear, right and left).
3. Building Sections.
4. Roof Plan – Details about the roof slopes, ridges, valleys.
5. Wall Sections (samples)
6. Roof Sections (samples)

Foundation: Optional (slab / full basement / crawlspace / other options )

Building Sections are vertical cuts through the house with floor, ceiling and roof height info.

Detailed Floor Plans and Building Sections show also dimensioned locations of walls, doors, windows, beams, purlins, posts.

All our Architectural Designs can be fully customized.

— all the dimensions (interior & exterior)
— roof type & pitch
— windows size & location
— foundation type
— add basement
— add garage / remove garage
— add or remove interior walls
— add or remove fireplace

We deliver:

4 PDF Sets

SET 3: 1:100
SET 4: 1:50

2 AutoCAD DWG Sets
SET 2: Metric UNITS

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